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I am converting an inherited software collection to a Module::Build based distribution.

The lib directories contain, in addition to the .pm files, certain external files needed by the modules. It is easy to ensure that the ones that have extensions are copied along with the .pm files by using Module::Build's add_build_element method.

But I am confused about how to deal with files that have no extensions. How can I make sure those files are also copied alongside the .pm files during installation? Is there a way to tell Module::Build to copy everything under lib?

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+1 for being the 10k Perl question :) –  Eric Strom Mar 30 '11 at 21:00

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use lib 'inc';
use Local::Module::Build::Extensionless;

my $build = Local::Module::Build::Extensionless->new(
    module_name => 'Foo::Bar',
    license     => 'restricted',


package Local::Module::Build::Extensionless;
use parent 'Module::Build';
use File::Next qw();

sub process_lib_files {
    my ($self) = @_;
    my $files;

        my $iter = File::Next::files('lib');
        while (defined(my $file = $iter->())) {
            $files->{$file} = $file;

    # following piece from Module::Build::Base::process_files_by_extension
    while (my ($file, $dest) = each %$files) {
        $self->copy_if_modified(from => $file, to => File::Spec->catfile($self->blib, $dest));

But why so complicated? You really want share_dir.

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If these are module specific data files; there's a somewhat obscure convention that data owned by lib/Acme/Foo/Bar.pm is usually placed in lib/auto/Acme/Foo/Bar/.

Most packers including Module::Build should respect this convention and automatically treat this as a "data payload" and package it along with the module files.

There's some helper modules including File::ShareDir that can help you locate the data at runtime.

use File::ShareDir;
my $data_dir = File::ShareDir::module_dir('Acme::Foo::Bar');

Just one possible approach. I'm hoping it might fit your detailed requirements.

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File::ShareDir is a fine solution in other circumstances, but it is not suitable in my case. Thank you. –  Sinan Ünür Mar 31 '11 at 2:50
Using File::ShareDir is the right answer. It's a pity Sinan didn't elaborate as to why he thought it was unsuitable for his needs. –  Ether Apr 29 '13 at 14:29

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