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I've got an assignment to do which involves seeing if there are any birthdays this month. I'm not asking for you to 'do my homework', but what I am asking is this: is there a way to get the current month as a number from 1-12 in Pascal (specifically, Lazarus Pascal)? Then I can take the number and compare it with records held in file.

Thanks for any help,


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I don't know about Lazarus, but most Pascal implementations provide:

procedure GetDate(var Year, Month, Day, DayofWeek: Word); 
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Yeah I saw that on my travels around the interblag. What I don't get is how to actually use it :-P – Bojangles Mar 31 '11 at 7:15
var y, m, d, dow : word; begin GetDate (y, m, d, dow); writeln ('The current date is ', y : 1, '-', m : 1, '-', d : 1, ' and the numbered day of week is ', 'dow:1);end; – wallyk Mar 31 '11 at 15:49

You can use this code:

DecodeDate(Date:TDateTime, Year, Month, Day: word);

I recommend you to check dateutils unit. It provides full support for all "date" or "time" issues.

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Manny is right. I just tried it in Lazarus, by writing this procedure:

procedure Dates;
var y, m, d: word;
  DecodeDate(Date, y, m, d);

Date is a function in SysUtils ( that returns the current local date. DecodeDate is a procedure that takes a TDateTime and returns to var parameters the calendar values of year. month and day. You need all 3 of course, but just use the one you need.

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