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I'm using nosetests to run a few unit tests and show me our code coverage using something like:

nosetests -w ./test --with-xunit --with-coverage --cover-tests

This works well except for the fact that I'm seeing a bunch of Python packages in the output. Here's a sample:

ctypes._endian                 34     12    35%   15-20, 24-32, 50-60
ctypes.macholib                 1      1   100%   
email                          29     25    86%   56-57, 65-66
email.errors                   15     14    93%   39

How do I exclude these packages?

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Try the nosetests --cover-package=<name> option. It will restrict coverage output to the listed packages/modules. You can use it more than once if your tests cover multiple packages.

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Note, you can use the --cover-package=<name> switch multiple times if you want more than one package. – mc_electron Apr 7 '14 at 14:13
I've spent 15 minutes wondering why I only got one (the last) listed cover-package using a config file, but stupidly I had multiple invocations of cover-package=foo \n cover-package=bar. I'm a dumbass but hopefully someone else sees this! – Bolster Dec 17 '14 at 18:25

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