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I have a text_area named answer_choices in my form that's used for inputting answers (separated by a line break):

Some answer
Another answer
Yet another

So when a users submits the form, I parse answer_choices out into individual answers for input into the database using answer_choices.split(/\r\n/)

Then, when they edit the form, I reassemble those individual answers using this method:

I have the following method in my Question model:

def answer_choices
  string = ''

  answers.each do |answer|
    string += "#{answer.text.to_s}\n"


That lets me just do <%= f.text_area :answer_choices %> in my view and I get the answers separated by line breaks. Great.

The problem is that when I submit the form again (to update the records), that little answer_choices.split(/\r\n/) bit seems to be calling that custom method instead of taking any new data from the form field and thus just re-adds the same data from before.

So how can I have my custom method for the form output?

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To avoid calling your custom method you should use the attributes hash:

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self.attributes['answer_choices'] is empty. I have attr_accessor :answer_choices set in the model, but self.inspect doesn't show answer_choices anywhere. –  Shpigford Mar 31 '11 at 18:26

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