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What's the name of the antipattern where methods take a generic god-object that has every property you might ever need for a method, rather than explicitly declaring what the method needs?


public class BaseRequest
    User user;
    Car car;
    CustomerRecords customerRecords;
    Folder folder;
    // ... etc for 10 - 20 other unrelated parameters

public void doSomething(BaseRequest request)
    User user = request.getUser();
    // do stuff with user, ignore all other attributes of request

Instead of

public void doSomething(User user)
    // do stuff with user, since it's nice and clear what we want

Note - I'm not referring to the Single Responsibility Princple which BaseRequest violates. Instead, I'm looking for the name of the antipattern where the method signature is "lying" about its dependencies.

Also, are there any good blog posts that succinctly explain the evilness of this pattern, which I can point someone to?

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Why are you sure that every dumb think in creation has been reified as an 'anti-pattern'? – bmargulies Mar 30 '11 at 21:33
@bmargulies this one happens to be :) – Bozho Mar 30 '11 at 21:33
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Law of Demeter violation

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I would say it's just an effect of having the god object. The problem shouldn't exist when the god object doesn't exist.

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