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Having trouble matching unicode chars with a regex in python

# -*- coding: utf8 -*-

import re

locations = [
    "15°47'S 47°55'W",
    "21º 18' N, 157º 51' W",
    "32°46′58″N 96°48′14″W",

rx = re.compile(ur"""
    """, re.X)

for loc in locations:
    if not rx.match(loc):
        print loc


15°47'S 47°55'W
21º 18' N, 157º 51' W
32°46′58″N 96°48′14″W

Can't seem to match the unicode chars!

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Because the locations aren't unicode strings.

locations = [
    u"15°47'S 47°55'W",
    u"21º 18' N, 157º 51' W",
    u"32°46′58″N 96°48′14″W",
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That doesn't matter, Python automatically converts. –  phihag Mar 30 '11 at 22:05
@phihag: print re.match(u"°", "°") is None in Python 2.7. –  kennytm Mar 30 '11 at 22:09
Oh, you're totally right. This "automatic conversion" only works when both sides are subsets of ASCII. –  phihag Mar 30 '11 at 22:14

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