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I am in process of evaluating different code quality management tools/products available out there(both opensource and commercial). My company is particularly interested in tools for following languages:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Javascript

I have researched into following so far:

If you have used any of these, could you please tell me your experience? I have tried using sonar too but it does not support different languages we need.Else we would have loved to use it.
Do you guys have any other recommendations?

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What do you mean by code quality? What are you really trying to measure or control?

I am a big fan of smartbear softwares, like TestComplete, QAComplete, AQTime, BuildStudio. Those are the best tools i have used (i am not a smartbear employee btw).

The company i work bought all those apps and we are very satisfied.

You should take a look at them.

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There are 2 useful tools for your code quality management

For c++ code you can use CppDepend and JArchitect for java code

these tools are based on CQLinq to analyse your code as database queries, and you can also write your own customized code quality rules queries they cannot be violated by your developers

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Our tool, QualityGate is one such tool that measures the quality (i.e. maintainability) of source code. The quality model behind it lies on a well-grounded theory of how source code maintainability can objectively be measured. You can take a look at the tool at its online demo page.

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