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I come from Asp.Net background and recently got assigned to a Perl web project for maintenance and enhancement. I just know that this project uses some stuff like Catalyst, Mason, Alzabo etc.

There is plenty of time for me to learn. I need some good guidance on where to start.

I'm looking for some good online resources (even webcasts) and books explaining how it all fits together in the Perl world. I do have some familiarity with Perl as a language and concepts like MVC.

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I would recommend this book Beginning Perl Web Development From Novice to Professional by Steve Suehring (Apress).

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http://masonhq.com is also very useful for looking up mason info.

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The Mason Book is available for free online. I would definitely read that before starting using Mason. Catalyst also has a lot of documentation on CPAN. I would specifically look into the tutorial and the Cookbook.

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You may find the Catalyst Book by Jonathan Rockway useful.

However note it focuses on using DBIx::Class / TT and doesn't cover Alzabo / Mason. But if you new to Catalyst then you will still find book to be a good primer.


Update: There is a new Catalyst book on the horizon called The Definitive Guide to Catalyst: Writing Extendable, Scalable and Maintainable Perl–Based Web Applications by Kieren Diment & Matt Trout.

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In my opinion is always good to learn something especially if you come from a totally different technology community. Perl can teach you how to think differently than you are used in this case you can see a different approach of how to implement a web application. There are a lot of resources that for Mason and Catalyst you just need to deep you feet in the water, I'm sure it's going to be an experience.

Take care !

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