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Just wandering will it be possible to partially string replace in jquery?

I have try to using the following code, but this is not seem working for me:

var test = "testing_supplyAddress_001";
test.replace('supplyAddress', 'billingAddress');

I tried to replace only supplyAddress to billingAddress so the output will be testing_billingAddress _001

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This has nothing to do with jQuery. That's pure JavaScript. –  Ender Mar 30 '11 at 23:53
This is not possible with jQuery as it does not provide any string manipulation functions. But you can use basic JavaScript like you already do. –  Felix Kling Mar 30 '11 at 23:55

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JavaScript strings are static and thus .replace() does not actually modify the string. You'll need to assign the value returned by the .replace() function back to the variable:

var test = "testing_supplyAddress_001";
test = test.replace('supplyAddress', 'billingAddress');

Here's a demo showing this in action ->

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It works fine. It doesn't replace it in place though - the replace() method returns a new string.

var test = "testing_supplyAddress_001";
var newTest = test.replace('supplyAddress', 'billingAddress');
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This is just plain old javascript - but will work with jQuery too.

var test = "testing_supplyAddress_001".replace('supplyAddress', 'billingAddress');
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