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I am trying to make a Facebook dialogue appear when the user completes an event and so I built this function.

function post_to_wall_popup(){
            FB.init({ apiKey: 'Super Secret API Key' });
            var publish = {
                method: 'stream.publish',
                attachment: {
                    name: 'XYZ',
                    caption: 'caption here',
                    description: ('description'),
                    href: 'url',
                media: [{
                    type: 'image',
                    href: 'url',
                    src: 'xyz.gif'
                action_links: [{ text: 'XYZ', href: 'url' }]



I have tried a few different examples that are supposed to have similar results but on each one all I get is the dialog box with "Loading.." for a split second, then it disappears. Has anyone else ever come across a similar problem?

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Make sure that fb-root is defined & visible.

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