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By default, LogCat on Eclipse displays 5 informational columns:

Time       Level  pid   tag message 

Is it possible to add a 6th column, displaying thread id?

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Run ADb in the command shell like this:

C:\Temp>adb logcat -v threadtime > t.txt

This will run in parallel to your Eclipse session. Once you done with Eclipse, Ctrl+C from shell and you'll have the log in t.txt. It is not as nice as having it in the Eclipse logcat window but will do the job.

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This should help you -

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I am already using android.os.Process.myTid() in my Log.x() but I was asking specifically about adding a 6th column to LogCat in Eclipse, if possible. +1 for the attempt. – an00b Apr 1 '11 at 0:00
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Answering myself: Since 2 weeks have gone by and no concrete suggestion as to how to add a a 6th column for thread id in LogCat has been provided, I can only assume that this isn't possible (currently).

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Here is a feature request for it:… Feel free to starr :) – user462982 Apr 6 '12 at 14:29
adb logcat -v threadtime|tee logcat.log
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