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I'm quite new to Kohana and was wondering what the best way was of organising a lot of files in the application/classes/controller directory.

My current structure is:


And I want to call the page from a url without it needing the page or optionally the name of any other subdirectory:


My controller class starts:

<?php defined('SYSPATH') OR die('No direct access allowed.');

* Test
* @package Test
* @category Page
* @author 
class Controller_Page_Test extends Controller_Template {

        // Default
        public function action_index() {
            // Template vars


What do I need to do to avoid the 404 error it is throwing? I assume I need to set up a route in bootstrap.php but I don't really get what to do to allow the pages to activate from within subdirectories.

Thanks in advance.

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Use directory param in Routes:

          'directory'  => 'page',
          'controller' => 'test',

You can use regex for controller list. For example, you have Controller_Test and Controller_Foo in a page directory. Here is a route for it:

               'controller'  => '(test|foo)',
          'directory'  => 'page',
          'controller' => 'test',
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This brings me much closer, thank you. :) The only question I have is how can you make the directory name optional? In your example the directory has to be 'page'. –  Das123 Mar 31 '11 at 18:43
You can set <directory> value in the URI (like <controller> or <action>), but this way your URIs will be larger, that simple /test/. Also, in 3.1 (and with PHPv5.3) you can use lambda routes with a lot of features for setting route params. –  biakaveron Apr 1 '11 at 5:17

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