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Hi All I am using DateTime class to do some processing on dates. The issue I am facing is that in some cases i would like it to initialize to date component excluding the year part of date. How do i do that? Example: For date 11/March/2011, I only want to store 11-March. How do i do that? Thanks

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You can't with the DateTime class (actually a struct). You can ignore the year value in your processing, however. You could also create your own class to do what you want.

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You can't to that with DateTime because it is used to represent a specific moment time. Since a day and a month are not sufficient information to represent a date, you can't store these information in DateTime only.

Maybe you should explain further what you would like to achieve.

If your concern is about outputting/formatting this date please view the following document in MSDN for format options you can apply to the toString() method of DateTime.

MSDN: Standard Date and Time Format Strings

Something you could do if you are really forced to use DateTime is to rebase each entered date to a specific year, although I can't see how this should make any sense, especially when it comes to leap years

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One way you can do this is to use the TimeSpan structure. Then you can use that on top of any DateTime calculations you need

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