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I'm setting up an instance on ec2 using the rubber deployment tool. I need to determine where I specify the database connection parameters.

In the /config/rubber/common/database.yml file, I see this code that is used to create the /config/database.yml file for the instance I'm deploying to:

   @path = "#{RUBBER_ROOT}/config/database.yml"
<%= RUBBER_ENV %>:
  adapter: postgresql
  encoding: unicode
  database: <%= rubber_env.db_name %>
  username: <%= rubber_env.db_user %>
  password: <%= rubber_env.db_pass %>
  host: <%= rubber_instances.for_role('db', 'primary' => true).first.full_name %>
  pool: 5

But there's nowhere I can find where it documents where I should put the values db_name, d_user and db_pass.

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Those values are set in config/rubber/rubber-mysql.yml

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