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We're saving an object to NHibernate where the Id is typed Guid. Based on other things we've found we have this as a type char(36).

  • We create an object and save it via NHibernate. This works fine and we see 64599239BB0C1C48B44C36D9F9267830 in the column.
  • When we then try to load using a guid we don't get any results and NHibernate Profiler shows that the WHERE clause is looking for 0x64599239BB0C1C48B44C36D9F9267830 which isn't matching.

Obviously we're doing something wrong.. so any ideas what?

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The data type on the database should be RAW, and of 16 length. This is what trying to recreate the database using NHibernate produces.

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That fixed the problem. Thanks – Shane Courtrille Mar 31 '11 at 3:09

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