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I need to extend the Charme (download here, described here) interpreter by adding primitive procedures cons, car and cdr that behave similarly to the primitive Scheme procedures. To start I need to define a class that represents a cons cell. For example, I could define a Cons class that has a constructor (_init_) that takes two inputs (the first and second parts of the pair), and provides methods for getFirst and getSecond that retrieve the respective parts of the pair.

I also need to define a _str_(self): method for the class so that evalLoop and evalToplevelExp will print out Cons cells similarly to how they are displayed in Scheme, but without the dot '.'.

I have the following for evalLoop:

def evalLoop():

while True:
    inv = raw_input('Charme> ')
    if inv == 'quit': break
    for expr in parse(inv):
        print str(meval(expr, globalEnvironment))
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