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I have two mongodbs in different server, both start with --auth. Now I want to copy a db from one server to another.

> mongo
> use admin
> db.copyDatabase("mydb","mydb","another_server")

It shows:

{ "errmsg" : "", "ok" : 0 }


> db.getLastError()

Seems no error, but the copy is not successful. What's the correct command to use?

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If you are using --auth, you'll need to include your username/password in there...

Also you must be on the "destination" server when you run the command.

db.copyDatabase(<from_db>, <to_db>, <from_hostname>, <username>, <password>);

If all that doesn't work, you might want to try something like creating a slave of the database you want to copy ...

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Thank you so much, it works~ – Freewind Mar 31 '11 at 5:02
The username and password mentioned is for database not for host name PS: I made this mistake hence mentioning it :) – shammerw0w Apr 21 '14 at 18:36

In addition to the answer of Justin Jenkins keep in mind that you also can use a ssh tunnel if you don't have mongodb exposed to the network (localhost only)

I use screen to switch between "tasks". for my convenience the ssh tunnel and mongo are executed in separate screen tabs.

step 1: create a tunnel

ssh username@yourdomainOrIP -L 27018:localhost:27017
...Enter your password

step 2 :

use admin
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