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I need to track http/url requests & redirects from a windows forms application using C#. It should handle both IE & firefox. Not sure if Fiddler is open-source but if i'm not mistaken, it's written using .NET. Sample codes or online articles on how to listen to http/url requests & redirects will be appreciated.


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Fiddler works as standard HTTP proxy. There is no magic here. See HTTP protocol for details. In both IE/Firefox, you need to set Fiddler (or your custom program) as proxy, and then browser will use it for all outgoing requests. Proxy is responsible for forwarding request to correct server, and returning response. Proxies are typically used for 1) caching, 2) controlling access (and avoiding firewalls), 3) debugging.

See also http://stackoverflow.com/questions/311181/open-source-proxy-library-for-net for .NET proxy library (just quick googling... I have no experience with it).

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You'd probably be interested in the new FiddlerCore library: http://fiddler.wikidot.com/fiddlercore

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