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When creating a Map in scala, I call Map(entities.map{e => e.id -> e}), and I get:

found   : scala.collection.mutable.IndexedSeq[(Int, Entity)]
required: (Int, Entity)

This is because the signature for Map.apply is: def apply[A, B](elems: (A, B)*): CC[A, B], which requires a varargs style argument.

Is there a way to convert the IndexedSeq so that it can be accepted via Map.apply?

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downvote because simplest example would be def print(i: Int*) = ??? ; print(List(1,2,3)) with error message type mismatch; found : List[Int] required: Int. I do not give a *** about what you do with the map. I downvoted instead of editing the question because my modifications are never welcomed. –  Recognize Evil as Waste Mar 14 at 20:32

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Try this: Map(entities.map{e => e.id -> e}:_*)

Explicitly typing it as a varargs using :_* seems to work.

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Or this should work too:

entities.map{e => e.id -> e} toMap
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