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Basically I have a C++ app which login to oracle db using OCI. DB is configured to authenticate users from windows domain user accounts.

At the moment when my client log in, I pass user name and password to OCI in order to login by setting OCI_ATTR_PASSWORD and OCI_ATTR_USERNAME attributes in user session handle.

What should I do in the code to make OCI take windows credencials directly instead of me providing them through the code?

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See Oracle Call Interface Programmer's Guide - OCISessionBegin()

The second type of credentials supported are external credentials. No attributes need to be set on the user session handle before calling OCISessionBegin(). The credential type is OCI_CRED_EXT. This is equivalent to the Oracle7 'connect /' syntax. If values have been set for OCI_ATTR_USERNAME and OCI_ATTR_PASSWORD, then these are ignored if OCI_CRED_EXT is used.

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