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I am just listing here the basic steps to create a Spring Insight web application using Spring tcServer developer edition. I haven't found much doco regarding this, so it could help some people.

1 - Download Spring Tool Suite here Download STS

Extract the archive somewhere on your machine, open a terminal and go to ~/tc-server-developer-[VERSION]/

2 - Run the following commands

./ create -t insight myInstance

This one creates a new tcServer instance based on the template insight. (full list of templates can be found in ~/tc-server-developer-[VERSION]/templates/)

Go to ~/tc-server-developer-[VERSION]/myInstance/bin/ and run the following

./ start

This will start your tcServer instance based on the Spring Insight template. Check it is working by pointing your favourite browser to the URL http://localhost:8080/insight. That should display the Spring Insight index page.

Now you just have to drop your web app in the ~/tc-server-developer-[VERSION]/myInstance/webapps/ folder and Bob's your uncle !

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Also wanted to mention how to set this up from the IDE without having to do any command line work
Assuming you have a spring mvc project open already in STS. This took a while to find so thank you for posting.

  • Add a new server from the servers window. Select the VFabric tcServer
  • Create new instance
  • When you get to the part where it asks you to select a template pick the insight template.
  • Add you app to the server you just created
  • Start the server
  • You will be prompted if youwant to activate insight, click yes.
  • Navigate to localhost:8080/insight or whatever port it is running on.
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