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I am trying to solve the k nearest neighbor problem on a set of objects in 3-space. These objects live in a MongoDB collection with all the joy and sorrow that comes with document based storage. Given one object I would like to find the k nearest neighbors in the fewest queries as possible. the collection sized is expected to be about 10^5 and k is between 10 and 50. I would really prefer not to have to store the entire tree in memory.

How could one store a KD-Tree in a MongoDB collection?

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P.S. if you think I can somehow use MongoDB 2d indexes to solve my 3d problem please see instead. –  John F. Miller Mar 31 '11 at 6:24
Full N-D indexing is 'planned' for MongoDB (see, and the GIST mention at They know about it at least. Beyond that I have nothing but the lame answer to use 2D as a starting point (scale your values if need be!) and, search through the last dimension. Otherwise, perhaps use PostGRE, which I understand does full N-D indexing. –  JDonner Mar 31 '11 at 6:39

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you might want to have a look at Apache Mahout.

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