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I have seen some samples using var_dump, but I I would rather use a simple echo, if it's possible.

It should look like this using echo:

This is a
simple text
I just wrote

Using var_dump:

function split3($text)
    $array = array();
    foreach(explode(' ',$text) as $i=>$word)
        if($i%3) {
            $array[floor($i/3)] .= ' '.$word;
        } else {
            $array[$i/3] = $word;
    return $array;

$text = "This is a simple text I just wrote";
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Why are there only two words in the second line ? –  codaddict Mar 31 '11 at 6:29

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Your sample output is a bit wrong compare to your question.

If the output is like this.

This is a
simple text I
just wrote

Then replace the var_dump(split3($text)); with this

$splitedText = split3($text);
foreach($splitedText as $value){ //Just print the array content
    echo $value . "<br />";  //I use <br /> as a new line   
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Hey, that works just fine. You are right about the sample output, every paragraph should be 3 words lenght. Thanks! –  Gabriel Mar 31 '11 at 18:45

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