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I want to parse array in JSON format using javascript. I have written following code.

var data = "abc, xyz, pqr";
var data_array = data.split(',');

var data_parsed = JSON.parse(data_array);

It gives me the error of JSON.parse I have no idea how to resolve this javascript error.

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always worth a look. – naveen Mar 31 '11 at 6:41
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You don't have any JSON, so don't use JSON.parse. Once you split you already have an array whose elements could be used directly:

var data = "abc, xyz, pqr";
var data_array = data.split(',');

and if you want to convert this array to a JSON string you could do this:

var json = JSON.stringify(data_array);
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+1 very true. also alert(data == JSON.parse(json)) will be true only. – naveen Mar 31 '11 at 6:39

That's because "abc, xyz, pqr" isn't valid JSON. Plus, JSON.parse() is meant to parse JSON strings, not arrays. What are you trying to do, perhaps we can better assist.

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This is actually a convenient short cut to json processing if you only need a smaller set of variables.


return $var1 .','. $var2 .',some_string_value.';


var myReturnArray = returnValue.split(',');
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