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what are the properties of Normalization related to Database?

Is there any relation between ACID properties and Normalization properties?

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Wikipedia could give you these answers much faster, and more completely than you are likely to get on SO. –  cjrh Mar 31 '11 at 6:40
do accept answer it you get info –  Pranay Rana Mar 31 '11 at 6:58

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Normalization and ACID are different things.

ACID refers to four important properties of transactions. Each transaction is

  • Atomic (all or nothing),
  • Consistent (changing the database from one consistent state to another),
  • Isolated (hidden from other transactions until it's committed),
  • Durable (after COMMIT, data survives a crash)

Normalization refers to the process of refining the structure of a relation (informally, a table) by identifying dependencies that lead to trouble, and then decomposing a table into two or more tables that have more favorable properties.

During normalization, the statements that create and alter tables are themselves database transactions. The ACID properties apply to those statements, as well as the more common SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

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No there is no relation between ACID and Normalization properties.

check basic of normalization :

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