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Hi: This is the related eneities in my app:

            name = "t_user")
public class User {
    private int                 id;
    private List<RoleType>      role;

            targetClass = RoleType.class)
            name = "t_user_roles",
            joinColumns = @JoinColumn(
                    name = "user_id"))
    public List<RoleType> getRole() {
        return role;
    //seter and getter

public enum RoleType {
    VIP, SysManger, Publisher;

Now,in my page I want to build the page according to current user's roletype.

So I need something like :

<s:set value="#session.current_user" var="cuser"/>
<s:if test="#cuser.role.contains(com.test.entity.RoleType.Publisher)">
    <li><a href="common/listTask_userPub?uid=<s:property value=''/>">Tasks published by Me</a></li>

But it does not work at all,so I want to know if there is any other idea to meet my requriement?

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By this line

<s:set value="#session.current_user" var="cuser"/>

you are setting the cuser scope to action level and in the nest line you are trying to access it from the session level. i guess you need to do something like

<s:if test="%{(cuser.role).contains(com.test.entity.RoleType.Publisher)}">

thats my high level guess hope it might help you.

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