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341 item *item_get(const char *key, const size_t nkey) {
342     item *it;

I want to disassemble item :

(gdb) info item
Undefined info command: "item".  Try "help info".
(gdb) disas item
Attempt to use a type name as an expression

How to do it correctly?

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A word about your terminology: "disassemble" means to take machine instructions in binary form (e.g. 0x58) and convert them to something we can understand (e.g. pop %eax). So you should only be disassembling functions. In your examples, item is a data type, and it is a locally-defined pointer to an object of type item. –  Karmastan Apr 1 '11 at 19:51

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I generally find that printing a variable ends up with a decent description, assuming GDB can find the headers appropriately. Try:

gdb> p *it
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