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Recently I found the following while reviewing some old code:

auto_ptr<DerivedClass> pointer = dynamic_cast<CBase*>( new CDerived() );

aside from the fact that this code is meaningless in valid cases (in valid cases class Derived is derived from class Base and no dynamic_cast is necessary) there's a problem with object ownership. If for whatever reason dynamic_cast returns a null pointer the auto_ptr will not be bound to the created object and the object will be leaked.

Is there some technique to help prevent such errors like making a compiler issue a warning or anything like that?

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Something like grep? Or do you need a more advanced way? – rve Mar 31 '11 at 8:23
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Get rid of all your dynamic_casts.

All of them.

Then no tracking will be necessary.

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If you can't find anything already available you can also add your own rule to cpp check

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