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Since a couple of weeks, the version history in our SharePoint 2007 installation stopped working on all document libraries and lists.

Symptoms: Version history is enabled for all of these lists/libraries, and we can click on Version History in the list/library item menu. When we effectively go to the Version History List, only the latest version of an item is available. When we click on earlier versions, there is a Name/Title specified, but we can't click through on these items.

What we tried: First of all, I wanted to see if the version history service wasn't broke, so I checked for the presence of the documents in the content database, and in the _vti_bin folder. I noticed that all the versions were properly stored. Next I investigated the SOAP requests to the version history web service. All of these looked fine. Next thing on the list was to investigate some SharePoint settings. We looked through every possible setting and every possible user permission, but still nothing.

Workaround: When opening the latest major version of one our documents, for instance a Word document, we can view and open earlier versions from that Word document by clicking on File > Version List (or something similar). This workaround is temporarily good, but we want the "normal" version history back :-).

Could someone help us out here?

Thanks in advance,



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