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I have a table list view in my app. and user can add more data in the list. I would like to show the default list view position at the newly added data. however, i use if i use smoothScrollToPosition, there is animation slowly scrolling down, which is not desirable. Do you guys know how to set the default position without that animation?

thanks alot for reply! regards penny

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I think ListView.setSelection(int position) is what you need.

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In my app I had a similar need. I used getListView().setSelection() to define the position of the list, it works well without scroll.

If you consider having 2 activities, ActivityA which shows the list from a cursor and ActivityB which has a form to add a new item. On finish, ActivityB should return the item cursor id, then ActivityB can retrieve the position of the item with the id, and set the position, like this code :

/* check intent Id to scroll to the right item after update or delete */
if ( getIntent().hasExtra( ITEMID_INTENT_KEY ) )
    long id = getIntent().getLongExtra( ITEMID_INTENT_KEY, 0 );
    int position = getPositionFromId( id );
    getListView().setSelection( position > 0 ? position - 1 : 0 );
    getIntent().removeExtra( ITEMID_INTENT_KEY );


private int getPositionFromId( long id )
        Long cursorId = mCursor.getLong( mCursor.getColumnIndexOrThrow( yourIdColumn ) );
        if ( cursorId.longValue() == id )
            return mCursor.getPosition();
    while ( mCursor.moveToNext() );
    return 0;
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