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I was wondering how / if it's possible to have a query which drops all temporary tables?

I've been trying to work something out using the tempdb.sys.tables, but am struggling to format the name column to make it something that can then be dropped - another factor making things a bit trickier is that often the temp table names contain a '_' which means doing a replace becomes a bit more fiddly (for me at least!)

Is there anything I can use that will drop all temp tables (local or global) without having to drop them all individually on a named basis?


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The point of temporary tables is that they are.. temporary. As soon as they go out of scope

  • #temp create in stored proc : stored proc exits
  • #temp created in session : session disconnects
  • ##temp : session that created it disconnects

The query disappears. If you find that you need to remove temporary tables manually, you need to revisit how you are using them.

For the global ones, this will generate and execute the statement to drop them all.

declare @sql nvarchar(max)
select @sql = isnull(@sql+';', '') + 'drop table ' + quotename(name)
from tempdb..sysobjects
where name like '##%'
exec (@sql)

It is a bad idea to drop other sessions' [global] temp tables though.

For the local (to this session) temp tables, just disconnect and reconnect again.

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gotta love SO. I found the exact question which I wanted and the solution worked like a charm :) –  wootscootinboogie Mar 13 '13 at 17:26

The version below avoids all of the hassles of dealing with the '_'s. I just wanted to get rid of non-global temp tables, hence the '#[^#]%' in my WHERE clause, drop the [^#] if you want to drop global temp tables as well, or use a '##%' if you only want to drop global temp tables.

The DROP statement seems happy to take the full name with the '_', etc., so we don't need to manipulate and edit these. The OBJECT_ID(...) NOT NULL allows me to avoid tables that were not created by my session, presumably since these tables should not be 'visible' to be, they come back with NULL from this call. The QUOTENAME is needed to make sure the name is correctly quoted / escaped. If you have no temp tables, @d_sql will be the empty string still, so we check for that before printing / executing.

SET @d_sql = ''

SELECT @d_sql = @d_sql + 'DROP TABLE ' + QUOTENAME(name) + ';
FROM tempdb..sysobjects
WHERE name like '#[^#]%'

IF @d_sql <> ''
    PRINT @d_sql
    -- EXEC( @d_sql )
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