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I have some code written in PHP, but I have developed a script written in Python. It is possible to call this Python script from the PHP code?

If yes, how can I pass parameters to the Python script from the PHP?

I have tried to find answers to this but I haven't find them.

Can someone give me a clue?

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Yes definitely, it should be possible.. But please give some more details. Are you running both through commandline or web – Sai Mar 31 '11 at 9:13
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You use the system function:

Something like this:

$mystring = system('python myargs', $retval);
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what is supposed to be present in retval and mystring. Are they same or different, I am assuming that retval will contain what all is present on the console. Can you please help on understanding that also. – Krishna_Oza Jun 17 '15 at 19:10

I managed to make simple function PY([parametress], code) for PHP. You may almost include python code to your PHP. You may pass as well some simple input variables to python process. You cannot get any data back, but I believe that could be easily fixed :) Not ok for using at webhosting (potentionally unsafe, system call), I created it for PHP-CLI..


function PY()
 if (count($p) % 2==1) return false;
 for ($i=0;$i<count($p);$i+=2) $precode.=$p[$i]." = json.loads('".json_encode($p[$i+1])."')\n";
 file_put_contents($pyt,"import json\n".$precode.$code);
 system("python {$pyt}");

echo "This is PHP code\n";

print('This is python 3.4 code. Looks like included in PHP :)');
print(r,' : ',s)
echo "This is PHP code again\n";
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Yes you can simply use exec() to call python program in php. simple sample program i have included here.

$pyscript = 'G:\wamp\www\ll\';
$python = 'C:\\Python27\\python.exe';

$cmd='$pyscript $python';

exec("$cmd", $output);

You should specify your python.exe path and your python file path.Its must needed in windows environment.

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