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I'm not sure if JScript for WSH is available in every windows installation.

Which version of JScript is available for WSH, and in which windows version?

Please provide the link to an authoritative source.

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All JScript and Windows Script Host versions are documented in MSDN:

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One not obvious nuance: JScript works like version 5.7 in Windows Script Host 5.8.

From MSDN: Note Starting with JScript 5.8, by default, the JScript scripting engine supports the language feature set as it existed in version 5.7. This is to maintain compatibility with the earlier versions of the engine. To use the complete language feature set of version 5.8, the Windows Script interface host has to invoke IActiveScriptProperty::SetProperty. (MSDN, JScript Version Information)

Worse yet, JScript claims version 5.8 (not 5.7) in such default case (see output of [ScriptEngineMajorVersion(), ScriptEngineMinorVersion()]).

JScript 5.8 introduced the following features: JSON object, JSON.parse method, JSON.stringify method, toJSON method, defineProperty method, getOwnPropertyDescriptor method.

Unfortunately, no simple way to use these features in cscript (or wscript) host of version 5.8.

See also question 19445189 cscript jscript JSON.

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