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We have an issue whereby we have a download link on our website (running Castle Monorail) that downloads some data as a CSV. The Action method is as follows:

public void TransactionReportSearch([DataBind("searchParameters", Validate = true)]TransactionSearchParameters searchParameters, int page,
                                        bool showStatistics)

Strangely enough, the databinding is working on our test environment but does not work on our live environment. We have discovered that the DataBindAttribute is working when we are doing a HTTP POST but it doesn't seem to be working on a HTTP GET. This of course could be a red herring as it is working on the test environment.

I suspect this could be a configuration issue. What should I check between the test and live environment to ensure that Castle Monorail databinding in the Action is configured correctly?

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are you binding against Form? or QueryString? –  Mauricio Scheffer Mar 31 '11 at 12:27

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I didn't test but can you try Databind's From=ParamStore.Params option. It says "From QueryString, Form and Environment variables.".

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