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i want to make the different themes for my application . i kept all the theme folders in the http:://,.. i want to load the views form these themes folder to make the custom template .

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Just extend the CI_Loader core class. Create new file at application/core/MY_Loader.php and extend the __construct method

class My_Loader extends CI_Loader
   function __construct()
      //Change this property to match your new path
      $this->_ci_view_path = APPPATH.'views/';
      $this->_ci_ob_level  = ob_get_level();
      $this->_ci_library_paths = array(APPPATH, BASEPATH);
      $this->_ci_helper_paths = array(APPPATH, BASEPATH);
      $this->_ci_model_paths = array(APPPATH);
      log_message('debug', "Loader Class Initialized");

I am quite interested if this little hack will work :)

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Have the current theme in a session variable $theme;

then while loading the view, include the session variable in the path,


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thanx @arun but is there it necessary to add the theme variable in the session – binesh Mar 31 '11 at 11:39
Sessions are arguably the best way to do this. You could also use a cookie, or even a URI segment, but this would need to be present in every URI to function correctly. See my post for another option – Ross Mar 31 '11 at 11:44
@binesh hey it seems you have the themes in http::// What do you mean by themes???... Is that the view files or just images&css. Coz view files cant be inside http::// – Arun David Apr 1 '11 at 1:29

Phil Sturgeon and several others have written template libraries that support themes more or less out of the box. This allows you to keep MVC structure and is rather flexible.

More at the docs

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I made a very simple theme switcher based on an existing library. Although the files are still in the views folder but inside the views folder are theme subfolders.

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