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We have a Java EE application containing several JPA entities. In development mode Hibernate auto generates ddl and publishes it to the database. We would like to create a deployable Java EE EAR package and other utilities to populate the database / EAR package.

What kind of deployment practices are followed to handle population of schema / EAR as well as modifications / rollback of the schema / EAR packages?

Would appreciate inputs on how this is handled in websites running in production mode.

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We in rhq-project.org are using a tool called 'dbsetup' that is pulling in XML files that contain the DDL + content for initial DB setup along with information about the version of this setup.

Now when we modify the datamodel, we a) add this to the initial model from above and also add it to a an additional XML file that contains versioned "diffs". When the installer runs and sees that the XML files have a newer version than the database, it picks up the deltas that are newer than the db content and applies them in order.

You can have a look at this dbutils package in the RHQ git repo.

An other tools that go in that direction is Liquibase - that RHQ may transition to in the future.

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