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I am sending a JSON object from a servlet to JSP using AJAX. My JSON object contains a String value inside. and that string contains double quotes within that. My JSON does not parse it. I get the following error:

 {"diagnosis":[{"NAME":"new_diagnosis_1 \[1020\]:2000000006001"},{"NAME":"new_diagnosis_2 \[1021\]:2000000006003"},{"NAME":"new_"dise"sed \[1023\]:2000000009001"},{"NAME":"new_d"ise"sef \[1024\]:2000000009003"}]}

note new_"dise"sed and new_d"ise"sef

I need a solution.

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your json is not valid

try this

    "diagnosis": [
            "NAME": "new_diagnosis_1 [1020]:2000000006001" 
            "NAME": "new_diagnosis_2 [1021]:2000000006003" 
            "NAME": "new_\"dise\"sed [1023]:2000000009001" 
            "NAME": "new_d\"ise\"sef [1024]:2000000009003" 

use \ to escape quotes

you can validate your json here

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Thanks a lot gowri... I will try now itself –  Alex Mar 31 '11 at 14:14
hai gowri can you please suggest me any good books for learning Jquery I am a beginner...I know Java Script and AJAX –  Alex Apr 1 '11 at 6:52
is this answer helpful –  Gowri Apr 1 '11 at 6:59
Thanks gowri... I worked as you said and got usefull..Thanks once again.. –  Alex Apr 1 '11 at 13:24

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