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I have a html string :

    <!-- DTD html gebruiken -->
                    Een host heeft IP adres <span class="ipAdres"><field ref="IpAdres" class="css-class"></field></span>
                    en netmask <span class="ipAdres"><questionParameter ref="NetMask"></questionParameter></span><br></br>
                    Geeft het adres van het <b>netwerk adres</b>:
                    <field ref="NetwerkAdres" CssClass=""><!-- Voor dit veld wordt de default feedback voor een correct antwoord gebruikt--></field><br></br>
                    Geef een ander <b>hostadres</b> binnen hetzelfde netwerk:
                    <field ref="AndereHost" CssClass=""></field><br></br><!-- Voor dit veld worden beide default feedbacks gebruikt-->
                    Geef het broadcast adres binnen dit netwerk:
                    <field ref="BroadcastAdres" CssClass=""></field></body>

so i want that wpf shows this in a window, but without the tags.. It has to render, but i don't know how i have to do that. Someone who can help me out?

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Check out this HTML to FlowDocument Converter as the article says "it's not fool proof" though it has worked well enough for me. It allows you to bind directly to a property containing the HTML string and will produce a flow document which can be added to your window.

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either use WebBrowser control, which would render the html completely, or use RegularExpression to remove everything within < & >

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I use the second option now.. but it's not very nice.. So how do i have to bind the WebBrowser to my viewmodel and so to a string property? –  Ruben Mar 31 '11 at 12:30
This answer might help with that databind-the-source-property-of-the-webbrowser-in-wpf –  bstoney Mar 31 '11 at 15:34

Have a look at this question it show how to manipulate the html in the webbrowser control. Binding is hardly possible unless you wrap the logic from the post into your viewmodel.

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You can use the following code to achieve this:

System.Windows.Controls.WebBrowser browser = new System.Windows.Controls.WebBrowser();
browser.NavigateToString(string strHtml);
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