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I need to schedule jobs, but i'm looking for solution which can dispatch task by following rules like: launch one task by rss feed i need to refresh but dispatch it during the day.

I imagine a queue system where i send a list a command to execute and a time period where they need to be dispatch.


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Let me start by saying I am a developer for this company so I am a bit biased. We make a solution called JAMS Job Scheduler which is a job scheduling and batch queue facility. JAMS allows you to set triggers and dependencies and also has Cron and Task Scheduler converters. You can check it out at www.JAMSScheduler.com

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See my answer here:

Scheduling php scripts

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My company makes CloudQuartz (www.thecloudblocks.com) which allows you to schedule the jobs through an API and get callbacks when they are due to run.

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I found a solution from Airbnb: chronos


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