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I have to work with some ids of some components in my backing bean so I've declared them as constants and I want to use them also in jsf (instead of hardcoding them there).

public final static String SMALL_PACKAGE_QUANTITY_OPT1 = "smallPackageQuantityOpt1";

Please note that I've added a getter for it, for jsf to be able to read this property:

public static String getSMALL_PACKAGE_QUANTITY_OPT1() {

and in jsf:

 <ice:selectOneMenu id="#{vdcOrderBean.SMALL_PACKAGE_QUANTITY_OPT1}"

What is strange is that it says that it cannot find this property:

Property 'SMALL_PACKAGE_QUANTITY_OPT1' not found on type beans.VDCOrderBean

Do you guys see any issue in the code?


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I think it's because of the static keyword in front of the getter method. This makes the method part of the class and not of an instance of the class. A bean is an instance of a class so this method is not part of the bean.

TrueDub's suggestion is also a good one.

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You are right. This was the problem. – Cristian Boariu Mar 31 '11 at 12:20

I suspect the capitalisation of the variable name might be a problem. Try changing the method name to getSmallPackageQuantityOpt1 and the JSF reference to #{vdcOrderBean.smallPackageQuantityOpt1}

Edit: not really relevant at all. Apologies

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