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I'm using the Microsoft.PointOfService libraries to interact with POS hardware. Although documentation about compatible hardware is thin on the ground, I've read in places that all keyboard emulating barcode scanners should be compatible.

so now I have my barcode scanner (Wasp WSR-455), which emulates the keyboard, and I was wondering if anybody here knows how to make the posdm tool recognise it, or another way I can program against a barcodeScanned event.


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You don't bother with that, nor can you, when they emulate a keyboard. Either you or the user has to make sure the focus is always on a specific text box so the scanner output goes to the right place. This certainly removes a great deal of flexibility in your UI, you'd really do need a scanner that you can connect to directly over, say, a USB port. They usually emulate a serial port, you'd use the SerialPort class.

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I was considering as a last resort to use the DirectInput (or similar) libraries to get input notifications. However I would have preferred to not have to do this myself... =/ thanks @HansPassant –  Dead.Rabit Mar 31 '11 at 13:17

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