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I have one table it contains the record .The below is the sample.


What we need ?

I need to update the record where it presents in the table using the value "12988" and again update the value("12988") to 12989.

I have tried to search the record in postgresql using the LIKE '%<12988>%' i need to update the value ($40608$<12988>)

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$40608$<12988> I don't want to see benchmarks for more complex queries with this kind of structure... Anyway, what UPDATE statement did you use? –  DrColossos Mar 31 '11 at 12:39

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create table t(val text);
insert into t(val) values ('$40608$<12988>');

select * from t;
(1 row)


update t 
set val=replace(val, '<12988>', '<12989>')
where val like '%<12988>';


select * from t;
(1 row)
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