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I'm facing the following situation: I have written a CDI extension, with which I want to programatically register additional beans into the BeanManager. I've already implemented the extension and registered in in the META-INF/services folder. Everything works fine so far and I can trace the container calling this method:

public class TestCdiExtension implements Extension {

  public void observeAfterBeanDiscovery(@Observes AfterBeanDiscovery event, BeanManager manager) {
    // Code goes here


My problem now is this: To determine which beans should be registered, I need access to the ServletContext of the current web application in which CDI is running.

I understand that you can use CDI completely without a servlet environment, so there is no hard link. However: How can I do the job of registering additional beans depending on what's in the ServletContext?

Is using an extension the correct way at all? Is there any other (better?) solution of doing this?

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Did you try BeanManger.getContext(Class<? extends Annotation> scopeType) ?

From the Javadoc:

* Obtains an active {@linkplain javax.enterprise.context.spi.Context
* context object} for the given {@linkplain javax.enterprise.context scope}.

That should give you a decision base whether you've been called as a web application or not...

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I still don't see how I can get access to the ServletContext object. –  perdian Apr 5 '11 at 14:52
Downvoting after 4(!) years without leaving a comment? Not very nice... –  jan groth Aug 6 at 1:21

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