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Does anybody sucessfuly post picture to current user's wall? This is not working, if picture argument is existing picture url post is not shown! I'm using latest FB C# SDK 5.0.8 Beta ...

var args = new Dictionary<string, object>();
args["name"] = "My App";
args["link"] = @"";
args["caption"] = "My Caption";
args["description"] = "My Description";
args["picture"] = @"";
args["message"] = "My Message";
args["actions"] = "";
FbClient.PostAsync(@"/me/feed", args);
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Here is how I handled posting a photo to the Facebook User's wall. ImagePath and ImageName were string parameters that I passed into the function that contains this code.

    var fbApp = new FacebookApp();
    var auth = new CanvasAuthorizer(fbApp);

    if (auth.IsAuthorized())

        //Create a new dictionary of objects, with string keys
        Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();

        string strDescription = txtDescription.Text;

        //Add elements to the dictionary
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(ImagePath) == false)
            //There is an Image to add to the parameters                
            FacebookMediaObject media = new FacebookMediaObject
                FileName = ImageName,
                ContentType = "image/jpeg"

            byte[] img = File.ReadAllBytes(ImagePath);

            parameters.Add("source", media);
            parameters.Add("message", strDescription);

                dynamic result = fbApp.Api("/me/photos", parameters, HttpMethod.Post);

            catch (Exception ex)
                //handle error....
                string strErr = ex.Message.ToString();
                lblValidationMsg.Text = strErr;

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This is a known bug in version 5.0.8. It has been fixed in the current source and will be in the next release.

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You can use post in the user wall ("me/photos")

    [DeploymentItem(@".\resources\velas_navidad.gif", @".\")]
    public void Post_to_photos()
        var ImagePath = "velas_navidad.gif";

        var client = new FacebookClient(token);
        dynamic parameters = new ExpandoObject();

        parameters.message = "Picture_Caption";
        parameters.subject = "test 7979";
        parameters.source = new FacebookMediaObject
              ContentType = "image/gif",
              FileName = Path.GetFileName(ImagePath)

        dynamic result = client.Post("me/photos", parameters);

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which rights are needed to do this? – zoidbergi Apr 16 '15 at 9:05

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