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I have some assertion code that raises an NSException on bad input.

Today, I messed up one of my methods and generated a condition which triggered the exception. However, unlike usual, XCode didn't stop on the exception raise. It kept going. It took me a LOT of NSLog calls to figure this out, because it also unwound the entire call stack so I couldn't figure out where it was dying.

I have a custom unhandled exception function defined (AND breakpointed), and everything was working until today (when I have no idea what changed).

What could cause XCode and/or the Objective-C runtime to swallow my NSExceptions whole and not tell me?

Interestingly, the code kept running just fine - went back out to the main run loop.


This just happened to me again, 5 days later, in a different place. Beginning to suspect buggy behavior in Xcode 4 while debugging. Watch this space.

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Are you expecting it to hit the breakpoint in your unhandled exception function, or do you have an exception breakpoint turned on (or both)? –  一二三 Apr 7 '11 at 11:47
@ichinisan - both! That's what's frustrating. NSException raise: as well as the unhandled exception handler are both breakpointed, and seem to work in other cases. –  makdad Apr 11 '11 at 3:37
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