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I have list of students displaying in a page and I am storing the student information as object with id and name.

I want to add search box to search students if I got a scroll bar in the list.

And update the students list according to the search string.

Right now i am iterating student object array and checking the index of the search string in the name.

Is there any better algorithm to increase the performance.

// my code:

search = function(data,queryString) { var res = new array(); for(stu in data){ if(stu.name.search(queryString) != -1){ res.push(stu); } } return res; }

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Show us your current code. Unless there are literally thousands of students in this list, this should be quite fast. –  Matt Ball Mar 31 '11 at 13:35

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You can build a sorted index and use binary search. Multiple indices if you need to search by multiple criteria, e.g. name or ID. Simpler to implement than a tree.

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some student may add after creating a sorted index –  kkchaitu Apr 25 '11 at 6:09
The index will have to be updated if new students are inserted, of course. Otherwise it's no good. –  mbatchkarov Apr 25 '11 at 9:28

You want to look for a trie-datastructure or a radix-trie or a crit-bit trie where empty nodes are compressed. You want to look for a kart-trie a special version of the radix-trie where there is only 2 edges in a node. In general a trie is good for text search algorithm, for example a dictionary. I have done an implementation of the kart-trie in php at phpclasses.org ( kart-trie ). You are welcome to download and play with it.

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