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I have no administrative access to the proxy host. But I want to know remotely whether the proxy is NTLM enabled and what version. How is it possible?

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please have a look at this tool: When you download it (windows version) you'll find inside the zip file a PDF Manual. Open it and have a look at -M option (please find hereafter the option description for your convenience):

-M Run magic NTLM dialect detection. In this mode, cntlm tries some known working presets against your proxy. Probe requests are made for the specified testurl, with the strongest hashes going first. When finished, settings for the most secure setup are printed. Although the detection will tell you which and how to use Auth, Flags and password-hash options, you have to configure at least your credentials and proxy address first. You can use -I to enter your password interactively.

hope this help cheers UnknowNTLM

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