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I want to write a program under Win/Mac/*nix, that takes a phone number and dials it on my mobile through Bluetooth. I don't know much about BT. Is that possible? The mobile is mine and I WANT it to dial. How would I go about it?


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I can use whatever language would work. The thing is, I want it to work on any BT phone. is that absolutely impossible/impractical? – pitr Feb 15 '09 at 1:35
There must be some general protocol for this. At least for calling using voice recognition - Bluetooth handsfree equipment does this, and it works for any bluetooth phone that supports this protocol. I don't know anything more.... – awe Jul 21 '09 at 7:46

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You probably want to fetch your mobile phone manufacturer's AT command set manual. You then need to open a serial connection through Bluetooth (OS X: Connect with phone, /dev/tty.nameofyourphone should appear). You can talk with the phone as with a regular modem and send commands as specified in the documentation.

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