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im encoutaring some wierd behaviuor with the ChromeDriver on Selenium 2.0.

i have a test suite that consists of about 20 tests. when i run the test individualy, they all work fine. both on firefox and chrome.

though when i run the entire suite on chrome i get a JVM Bind Exception telling me the address is already in use. the thing is that the first 2-3 tests pass, and it only happens after them. maybe OS is having trouble recycling processes?

the suite works perfectly on firefox...

any ideas?

i use window xp 32bit OS.


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try calling "webDriver.quit()" method after the end of each test. Selenium 2 is known to have this bug of exhausting the ephemeral ports, and the above piece of code should get some relief. I tried it, and it does close some ports.

Thanks, Prakash.

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