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Hi I wonder how to work around the problem I have with the pagination gem "Kaminari".

For what I've understood you cant paginate @user = User.all.page(5)?

But what if I have this code and want to paginate that, is it possible or do I need to change the code?

    @price   = Price.joins(:retailer, :retailer => :profile).
    where(['product_id=? AND size_id=?', params[:prod_id], params[:si_id]]).
    group(:retailer_id).order("SUM((prices.price * #{params[:amount].to_i}) + profiles.shippingCost)").all

The only thing I receive right now when applying.page(5) to that code is

undefined method `page' for #<Class:0x000001023c4558>
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You don't need the .all because the joins call, along with where and group, is returning an array of objects for you that meet your criteria. Remove your .all and call page on the instance variable (which you might want to rename to @pages or something else plural).

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Hi, Thanks for your reply, I changed the code to @prices = Price.select("prices.*").joins(:retailer, :retailer => :profile). where(['product_id=? AND size_id=?', params[:prod_id], params[:si_id]]). group(:retailer_id).order("SUM((prices.price * #{params[:amount].to_i}) + profiles.shippingCost)").page(params[:page]) But now I receive this error –  Philip Mar 31 '11 at 15:53
Column 'retailer_id' in field list is ambiguous: SELECT COUNT(*) AS count_all, retailer_id AS retailer_id FROM prices INNER JOIN retailers ON retailers.id = prices.retailer_id INNER JOIN profiles ON profiles.retailer_id = retailers.id WHERE (product_id='1' AND size_id='3') GROUP BY retailer_id,retailer_id ORDER BY SUM((prices.price * 1) + profiles.shippingCost) –  Philip Mar 31 '11 at 15:54
When using the <%= paginate @prices %> in the view –  Philip Mar 31 '11 at 15:55
Hi, I guess you need to change your .joins statement to .joins(:retailer => :profile) I mean, :retailer is duplicated. –  Akira Matsuda May 5 '11 at 1:55

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